New release! Liar Game – Roots of A (complete volume)

Yes, it’s another release! The complete volume of  “Liar Game – Roots of A“, well I hope you all enjoy this volume pack of Liar Game. Each chapter involves a different story, there not all the same (well most of it isn’t the same).

Download Link #1

Download Link #2

Download Link #3

EDIT: sorry i forget add “www.” on the second download link so it should work right now so enjoy 🙂


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12 Responses to “New release! Liar Game – Roots of A (complete volume)”

  1. Dille Says:

    Uploaded your files on BakaBT… you might want to add this link >>>
    to your download links, cause the torrent will live a lot longer than your files on the hosting servers.

  2. Dille Says:

    Thanks for scanlating this, btw!

  3. xxritsu Says:

    OMG! i’ve been waiting for this ever since the raw came out…thanks so much for this…i love you so very much ^^

  4. Rinoa Says:

    Thanks for scanlating ^^

  5. Mann Says:

    How is it related to liar game except for the first chapter? Anyway thanks a lot for scanlating this; I really loved all the short stories especially the fortune-telling arc but just wondering is there no more? ‘Cos it ended so suddenly without telling us what happened to that guy but I guess most one-shots are like that.

  6. onescans Says:

    yea it kinda of one shot but i would say it is spin off of liar games, im glad you guys/female enjoy it 🙂

  7. Mega Brain Says:

    will you make all the chapters of gintama or just the lost chapters?

  8. Mitsuki Says:

    Thank you very much! I had started to read Roots of A with raws and translations, so this release has really been on time for me! (^^)
    Are you planning on scanlating other chapters from Liar Game?

  9. So some actual official news +other things « The Liar Game Says:

    […] Name Scans has scanlated the entire volume of Roots of A. So if you’re interested in the rest of the short stories from that volume (or just want a […]

  10. kajii Says:

    Your welcome, no im sorry im not planning doing liar game , but null will working on those, um let me say again noname-scan is gone so right now we use this new group call one scanlations… about gintama, yes we will working on missing chapters

    thank you

  11. JustAGame Says:

    Thank you so much for this release!

    I don’t think it has a direct connect to Liar Game but it gives more of an understanding to what the message is in Liar Game (question is: how do all the stories relate?). The title, though I can’t say is a lie, is totally misleading… it makes you think the title is Roots of A(kiyama), don’t judge a book by its cover. It seems like another psychological aspect of Kaitani’s work…

  12. Ryan Says:

    No more releases? oO

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